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  • Tiffany Moule

    Health & Mindset Coach |CPT |FNS

    Tiffany Moule

    Helping women reach their fitness, nutrition & mindset goals is a passion that started during my Masters Degree in Psychology. After I graduated, I was still struggling with my health. I was fed up of hearing what was right or wrong when it comes to nutrition and fitness. *I grew up restricting food * I followed programs that told me to eat less, move more and be LESS * I never completed a challenge fully * I was sick and tired of thinking that this was me, but it never was. I have always been interested in nutrition and working out, but it wasn’t I had my son in 2011 did I actually start researching sources that educated on the science behind it all. What did I find? SUSTAINABILITY. I realized that reaching your physique goals is a much more simple than the internet wants you to believe. I realized that no cookie cutter plan on the internet works the same for me as it would for you. We are unique. We deserve plans that work for US, not against us. What will you find with me as your coach? A plan that teaches you: *Lifelong healthy habits. *Cutting out the idea that some foods are ‘bad’ vs. ‘good’. *No bullshit fad diets, low-calorie plans or hours of cardio. *I teach you how to fuel your body, practice balance, prioritize self-care, and train for strength. *STRENGTH - mentally & physically. *Education behind everything ( I post it for free on social media to ensure that you know the best information out there). I believe in you, do you?

What I love Focusing on with my Clients & Programs

  • Results without Extreme Methods

    Restrictions never stick. There is a reason why dieting sucks & living an extreme lifestyle affects your relationship with those around you & with yourself.

  • Believing YOU are Capable of Anything

    There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a client go from self-doubt to an abundance of self-love. It truly is a beautiful thing.

  • No B.S

    As a coach, I am not here to tell you what you want to here- that's not why you want to hire me. I am here to help you dig deep, realize your potential, and accomplish your goals.

  • Do what Makes YOU Happy

    Don't like working out 6 times a week? Don't like eating a strict meal plan? Let me show you that you can have a healthy lifestyle AND see results without doing the things you hate.

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