Hi, I'm Tiffany

Health & Mindset Coach

I am a health & mindset coach that focuses on breaking the dieting mindset, teaching women to accomplish their fitness and nutrition goals while evolving the way they view themselves. I am a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM & Fitness Nutrition Specialist (pending). Before conquering becoming a coach, my journey was to become a clinical psychologist. I have a Masters degree in psychology with a minor in behavioral health. After learning and grasping the need of self-love and preservation, my goals changed..my motivation changed. I want to help women reach their goals by educating them on easy methods to eat healthier, lose weight, and most of all- love the process and themselves. I want to shift your focus less on what the media portrays on diets and the ideal "body image", and more on what feels and looks good to you. When I first started on this journey of learning to love my body and fighting the standards of beauty and nutrition, I was overwhelmed with how much false information is available in the media. This was my shift, my focus to start my coaching services and to help others fight the standard. I want to provide you with steps to conquer self sabotage, learn easy nutrition tips, become confident in your fitness and nutrition, and be there for you every step of the way.
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Hi, I'm Tiffany

What I love Focusing on with my Clients & Programs

  • Results without Extreme Methods

    Restrictions never stick. There is a reason why dieting sucks & living an extreme lifestyle affects your relationship with those around you & with yourself.

  • Believing YOU are Capable of Anything

    There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a client go from self-doubt to an abundance of self-love. It truly is a beautiful thing.

  • No B.S

    As a coach, I am not here to tell you what you want to here- that's not why you want to hire me. I am here to help you dig deep, realize your potential, and accomplish your goals.

  • Do what Makes YOU Happy

    Don't like working out 6 times a week? Don't like eating a strict meal plan? Let me show you that you can have a healthy lifestyle AND see results without doing the things you hate.

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It is a beautiful thing when a career & a passion come together.