Become Advanced in Tracking your Macros

From food restriction to FOOD FREEDOM

  • How Your lifestyle Impacts your Diet

    The course expands on the importance of tracking based on your past dieting history, your mindset, goals, current activity level, and your job.

  • How to Track using an App

    Learn how to read nutrition labels, how to find accurate nutritional information on apps, and the best apps to use.

  • Calculations according to your Goals

    Learn the importance of when to reverse diet, go into a deficit, or maintain.

  • Lifetime access

    Come back to this course anytime to freshen up your knowledge and check your calculations!

  • Nutrition Knowledge

    Learn how to fuel your body and what it truly feels like to FUEL good. Learn about macronutrients, micronutrients, food choices, moderation, and all the information needed to create a healthy relationship with food.

  • Progress Tracking

    Learn how to adapt your macros toward your progress if you are gaining weight, losing weight, or just not feeling the ratio. You will learn how to do it all!

Be committed to Your Decisions

but stay flexible in your approach.

What's included in this Course

Go from knowing nothing about IIFYM To beginning your journey!

  • 1
    Welcome to Macro-Nutrient Tracking for Beginners!
    • Course Overview
    • How to use this course
    • Welcome to the course!
  • 2
    Learning the Fundamentals
    • Let's get to know each other!
    • Before We Begin
    • Random Studies on Macros, Weight loss, Overall Health & Progress
    • Basics of Macro & Micro nutrients
    • Meal Timing, Frequency & Fasting
    • Consistency & Common Mistakes
    • Grocery Haul & Sample Day
    • Notes on Tracking Before Starting
    • Figuring out your goals with the next Chapter!
    • Show what you know!
  • 3
    Begin your Tracking Journey!
    • Before you Begin...
    • How to Calculate your Macros
    • Step 1. Calculate your BMR & TDEE
    • Common Errors with Tracking & Calculating
    • Step 2. Calculate your Macros, Fat Loss & Reverse Dieting
    • When to Adjust & Diet Break Methods/Importance
    • Tracking using MyFitnessPal (tips & Hack)
    • Using MyFitnessPal APP
    • MyFitnessPal Hack
    • Weighing your food Tips
    • Show what you know!
  • 4
    Training & Key Notes
    • Training while tracking
    • Free 30 days & Beyond Training Plan!
    • Macro Tracking to Mindful Eating
    • Key Notes from This Course
    • Progressing from here!
    • Tracking your Macros PDF (Download)
    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...

Why If It Fits Your Macros?

Experience food freedom

We live in a diet culture, but we have no idea how to eat for our body and how our body should really be fueled. IIFYM is an amazing tool that teaches you how to eat for your goals, reach those goals with no restrictions, and finally go out with no guilt! This course teaches you the knowledge behind macronutrients & micronutrients, how to track, what to track, how to calculate for you goals & SO much more. If you've never done IIFYM but wanting to learn everything about it- THIS IS IT!
I want freedom!

Create a flexible lifestyle

Lifetime Access to Course!

Are you ready to satisfy your cravings while seeing the results you want?!

No yo-yo dieting, just results!

See what others are saying about the

Real People. Real Results.


I spent over $100 a month on a coach to adjust my macros for me- NO MORE. Now I know how to do it right & have been able to track my own progress. Total win!


Never would I have thought that I could lose weight eating more than 1500 calories a day! In the past two weeks I have lost 4lbs, but that's not even it- I feel energized and happy to know I can do it myself now!


I always used an online calculator for my macros but it always gave me really low calories. After this course, I applied what I learned and now know everything to maintain my physique and gain some mass. No more depriving myself. Thank you!


The videos helped so much. I have never done IIFYM so I am a complete beginner. All through the course I learned all about nutrition, tracking, how to use apps, how to reverse diet, calculate on my own, and so much more. Definitely worth the purchase!!

What can you expect to learn from the Tracking your Macros course?

Restrictions SUCK, Dieting SUCKS, but learning how to eat the foods you love while still seeing results DOESNT.

  • No more thinking eating a slice of pizza or cookie will detour your results. Learn to live and be free around food!

  • Learn to EAT! No more restricting with crazy rules around food. With this course you'll learn how to calculate your macros, leaving room for the food AND results you love!

  • From tracking to intuitive eating- the fundamentals of IIFYM helps you understand portion control, ingredient labels, and losing the "restricting" mentality.

  • Learn how to calculate your macros on your own, adjust them according to your goals, and eat out again!