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Whether you want amazing, strength workouts sent to your phone, or custom macro consult every month- there is no wrong or right way. Want something better? Get an amazing price for both of them monthly!

Monthly Workouts with Macro Consult

Why not combine the best monthly memberships into one? For an amazing monthly price, you receive BOTH custom macros and a custom workout plan for 30 days. Includes app access for workouts, custom macronutrients and bi-weekly check in's to track progress and make any adjustments.
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Monthly Workouts with Macro Consult

Monthly Macro Consult

Are you ready to focus on your goals and finally reach food freedom?! This purchase comes with 30 days of custom macros. We will go over easy tips, recommendations, and have bi-weekly check-ins to see if ratios need adjusted. Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain, or gain lean muscle mass- this is for you.
Custom Macros for $44.99/month- Join now!
Monthly Macro Consult

Monthly Workouts

App Access

Why not reduce half your gym time, improve your performance, & see better results? It's time to commit to a plan! This plan is completely custom to you, the equipment you have and your goals! Includes app access, focusing on progressive overload with your training to see results and bi-weekly check-ins.
Custom workouts each month for $34.99!
Monthly Workouts

Balanced AF Academy

Group Coaching You've never experienced before

The Balanced AF Academy includes monthly workouts (new every month), cardio recommendations, and how to lose fat and feel strong AF with flexible dieting and recommendations every 2-4 weeks to keep adapting and reaching your goals.
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Balanced AF Academy

Custom App Access to Workouts!

With any custom training plan or custom macros & training plan, you will get access to the custom app to track your workouts, set your PR's, link your macros, view exercise demonstrations, and follow your progress.
Custom App Access to Workouts!


  • What is the best plan for me?

    If you already have a workout plan you love but need help with nutrition, the macro consult will be best. If you don't like tracking but need workouts built for your goals, definitely go with monthly training. But, if you need a workout plan and help with nutrition- purchasing both is the best monthly bundle.

  • How do I know the macro consult is for me?

    If you have issues with restricting foods because of labeling them 'bad', don't understand what you need to do to lose weight, and just feel lost in your nutrition- tracking your macros can help. It teaches you sustainability without restrictions and how paying attention to your energy balance is the greatest impact on your weight. Tracking your macros takes the guesswork out of reaching your physique goals. However, if you have had any issues with negative eating behaviors or in recovery from an eating disorder- I would highly suggest looking into 1:1 coaching rather than monthly macros.

  • What comes with the Macro Consult?

    The macro consult comes with 30 days of custom macro ratios, a full downloadable PDF with tips and your ratios, and bi-weekly check-ins. IT IS NOT a meal plan.

  • What is the one time macro consult/nutrition consult?

    This is a one time puchase for 30 days, instead of the monthly plan. The macro consult is a macronutrient ratio recommendation according to your lifestyle, physique goals, and progress. The nutrition consult is an overview of your nutrition and reccommendations on how you can adjust your daily lifestyle in order

  • What does the Monthly Workouts require?

    Monthly Workouts requires gym access, although it can be adjusted to your equipment at home.

  • What comes with the Monthly Training?

    The monthly training plan includes 4-5 strength training workouts focusing on your physique goals and current lifestyle. The focus is on building lean muscle mass while improving balance and endurance. The plan comes with app access that includes video demonstrations, chat access anytime, check-ins, and progress tracking.

  • What does the Macro & training plan include?

    The monthly training and macro consult plan is by far the best package. It comes with app access to your workouts AND custom monthly macros. The training app integrates with your MyFitnessPal to increase accountability as well.

  • What if I go on vacation or need to cancel?

    Although you cannot put your account on hold, you can cancel and start up again at any time.

  • Is Balanced AF Academy custom??

    No, the Balanced AF Academy is a group coaching program. Monthly workouts are already made and new ones are published every month. But if you need any alternatives please research online or contact me for help!