Experience A New Era of Group Coaching

  • Flexible Nutrition

    Download a full PDF on how to calculate your macros and adjust them. Throughout the program, you'll receive bi-weekly/monthly adjustment recommendations to keep seeing results along the way!

  • New Workouts Each Month

    Every month, you'll receive a new set of workouts to download and print off. Each exercise has a link to an exercise demonstration video! Workouts are 4-5 days per week, with cardio rec., & require either a well-equipped home gym or gym membership.


    No more getting stuck on when to adjust your calories, your strength workouts and following random advice from 'Instagram gurus'. This program helps you start your fat loss journey, go into a strength phase, and keep adapting along the way in BOTH your nutrition and workouts.

Group Coaching At a price you cannot beat!

Balanced AF Academy is a group coaching program created to help you finally see results in your physique from your hard work and have a set workout plan to get you there. NO MORE GUESSING, NO MORE CRAZY DIETS. Each month is designed to go with each other perfectly!

  • Months 1-3- Designed to help you start your fat loss journey in the first few weeks, slowly dropping calories every few weeks with your workouts and cardio planned around this for the best results

  • Months 4-6- Designed to take you into a diet break phase to improve your energy and workouts, and give your body a break from dieting. Our focus becomes on daily steps in this phase with less planned cardio, and workouts focused on strength.

  • & repeat! The program is constantly repeating this cycle to keep your body adapting and uncovering your hard work! Of course, if your goal isn't fat loss, you'll learn how to still calculate your calories based on your goals!

Prove to yourself that you can do it!

The Balanced AF Academy was inspired by those that want to have a plan, that adapts with them but focuses on nailing the fundamentals of lifting and nutrition to reach your goals that is affordable! Not only will you learn the basics, but you will feel confident in your abilities along the way, without feeling tied down to a coach.
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Balanced AF Academy

Group Coaching

  • 1
    Welcome to Balanced AF Academy!
    • Welcome! Please read :)
    • Tracking your Macros PDF
    • Before we begin, please answer these!
    • Monthly Planner/Tracker- DOWNLOAD-PRINT
    • Tracking Your Progress
    • Introduce yourself!
  • 2
    Weeks 1-4
    • Weeks 1-4 Recommended Ratios
    • Weeks 1-4 Workouts/Cardio rec.
    • Keep Going, babe
    • Let's Refocus!
    • Discussion time!
  • 3
    Weeks 4-8
    • Weeks 4-8 Recommended Ratios
    • You got this!
    • Time to Refocus!
    • Discussion time!
  • 4
    Weeks 8-12
    • Weeks 8-12 Recommended Ratios
    • Keep going, you deserve this!
    • Discussion


  • What happens after I purchase?

    After you purchase the program, you'll be given immediate access to this month's workouts, PDF's and so much more!

  • When do new workouts post?

    The program is based off when you purchase. Every 30 days from your start date, a new program will release with new workouts, macro recommendations and cardio recommendations on this platform! You can download and print off the workouts to bring with you to the gym as well!

  • Do I need specific equipment?

    Most exercises will only need a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells and various machines. A gym membership is recommended, but a well-equipped home gym should be fine! If there is an exercise you cannot find an alternative to- email me and I'll help!

  • What if I need to cancel?

    You can cancel and start up at anytime!

  • Are there refunds?

    Because you are given immediate access to the month's programs, PDFs, and so on- there is no refund.