Strong & Powerful is for you if

  • You Need BALANCE

    No 'do not eat' food list, or restrictive dieting methods. Learn how to calculate your macros, track them, and eat enough calories to build a powerful physique

  • Have access to a Gym or equipped home gym

    Although any exercise can be adapted to your training equipment, to follow the program at best you'll need access to a fully equipped home gym or have a gym membership

  • Need Results but Lack TIME

    Hours of cardio & training are unnecessary when it comes to lifestyle goals. You can build a STRONG & DEFINED physique with the right program, focusing on progressive overload and nailing down the fundamentals (don't worry, Strong & Powerful has this covered!).

Workouts designed for Busy Women that want RESULTS

Strong & Powerful goes beyond your basic workout plan with over 40 pages to help you nail your nutrition with learning about the nutrients your body needs, how to calculate calories and macros, reverse diet, and adapt to your progress along the way. It is truly a FULL program
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Workouts designed for Busy Women that want RESULTS

Full body workouts at only 3 days each week!

8 weeks is all you need

Full Body Workouts designed as 2 Lower focused days and one Upper focused. Each exercise comes with a clickable link to a YouTube exercise demonstration. Programming is designed to help you see results with training each muscle group at least twice per week (shown in research as the best way to build muscles). Exercises focus on compound lifts (the basic lifts are ALWAYS the best), accessory movements and isolated movements. Print off the workouts to track and improve your lifts each week (shown in the picture) along with a calendar to plan your days! Cardio recommendations are included and progress with each week.
Full body workouts at only 3 days each week!

A Full Workout Program for any Lifestyle

create BALANCE and jumpstart your goals within 8 weeks

With over 40 pages designed to EMPOWER and EDUCATE you on fueling your body, building a strong physique and feeling AMAZING all over. With each phase, you are given new exercises and a new focus on building a powerful, defined physique that you feel amazing with (no more focusing on your weight, it's time to SHIFT that mindset)
A Full Workout Program for any Lifestyle

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I created Strong & Powerful because I was constantly seeing women, and experienced it myself, struggling with their programming and nutrition, constantly increasing volume and feeling lost from lack of results even when they felt like they were doing everything they thought was 'right'. Strong & Powerful was then formed, based off of these three principles:

  • STRONG MIND: This program is created to help you find BALANCE in your life, where fitness and nutrition can fit into your lifestyle rather than your life revolving around it. No more fixating on your weight, no more long hours in the gym and high volume workouts.

  • STRONG BODY: No more feeling confused or restricted in your nutrition. Throughout this program you will how to FUEL your body to feel and perform your best, how to calculate macros/calories to see results, where to calculate for the program and recommended macros for each phase. Uncomplicated and balanced is the purpose.

  • POWERFUL WOMAN: Women are truly amazing, but the feeling like being able to push weights is unlike anything else. Track your progress each week with training, build strength like no other and finally work torwards the goals you keep making to yourself

Uncomplicated Nutrition & Workouts

The exact way I build my workouts and nutrition

Nutrition & Fitness doesn't have to be complicated. It should be simple, it should adapt to your lifestyle and it should work FOR YOU. You shouldn't feel miserable. Feel POWERFUL, become STRONG, and Find balance.
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Uncomplicated Nutrition & Workouts