Strength & Abundance Home Workout Plan

8 weeks to a Stronger YOU

  • Start Right Away!

    After purchase, the eBook can be downloaded immediately! Write down your workout progress, print your calendar and workouts, and calculate your macros to start reaching your goals!

  • Progress Tracking

    The S&A Workout plan includes weight/measurement tracker, strength progress tracking chart, workout trackers with each workout, and calendar to track your workout days!

  • Progressive Overload

    The first phase of S&A, 4 weeks, is about building bodyweight strength, endurance, and overall confidence with your training. In phase 2,

Designed for Beginners to Experienced lifters

All you need is 40 minutes, 4 days per week. What are you waiting for?

What do you need for S&A?

  • Dumbbells

    3 sets of dumbbells ranging from light, medium and heavy

  • Resistance Bands

    A resistance band set with ranging resistance, loop band, and a glute band

  • Room to Train

    Create a space where you can comfortably train!

Don't have a home gym?

No worries! The entire program can be done with minimal equipment! Learn why this Home Workout Plan is unlike anything out there:

  • All you need is 3 sets of dumbbells ranging from light, medium, and heavy --- loop band --- resistance band set --- and a glute loop! In the program, you will find my equipment recommendations, but you can purchase any brands you love!

  • 8 weeks of workouts, split between two phases to help you build strength and continuously see results (aka progressive overload). Included are Coaching cues, Warm-up exercises, YouTube video links for all exercises, Weekly plyo workouts, and workout tracking!

  • Macro Calculator, Reverse Dieting/Calorie deficit overview, Nutrition overview, & common questions and answers to help you get started on your journey!