30 days is the jumpstart you need to:

  • Find Motivation

    Lacking motivation to workout or focus on your nutrition? A new plan, accountability & weekly goals is exactly what you need to find motivation again

  • Get Stronger

    Begin your journey with workouts designed to build a stronger body at only 4 days per week. Each week workouts will progress & get harder, because we want to build STRENGTH and POWER.

  • Find Nutritional Balance

    You don't have to count calories, track macros, fast, or cut certain foods to see results. Focusing on one meal at a time, portioning out your meals, and tuning into your internal cues is KEY. No more quick results or fad diets, you deserve to find balance.

What does the Challenge include?

  • Strength Based workouts at 4 days per week with Upper/Lower focus, with recommended cardio

  • 2 Weekly challenges with one focused on health and one on building a healthier lifestyle!

  • PDF on balancing out your nutrition without tracking macros or calculating calories

  • Optional PDF on how to track and calculate your macros

  • Weekly affirmations

  • Linked Video demonstrations for each exercise

Weekly Workouts designed to build a STRONGER body. Workouts are 4 days per week, 3 different weight sets of dumbbells (light, medium, heavy) and a glute band is all that's needed. Optional cardio with links to each exercise.
No tracking calories or macros, this challenge is about building healthy HABITS. If you struggle with dieting, staying on a diet or following a plan- this is the perfect jumpstart to achieve balance in it all. You'll receive a full PDF on finding balance in your nutrition to perform better, create a more defined physique and enjoying ALL FOODS once again
Short term methods lead to short term results. When you build habits around your lifestyle it has been shown make reaching your goals not only more enjoyable but your results last!

What do you need?

Each workout focuses on minimal equipment while building STRENGTH and POWER

  • Dumbbells

  • Glute Band

  • A safe area to train!